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Looking to get some art done? Check out your options below.

Portraits: $5
Half-Body: $10
Full-Body: $15
Two Characters: $25 (+5 per additional character)
Add loose color: +5 per character
Jack Frost Doodles by ZinferLuffy and Zoro by ZinferI Am Your Little Brother by ZinferLet's Get Back to the Others by ZinferAurora by Zinfer

Colored Digital Sketch:
Portraits: $20 
Half-Body: $30
Full-Body: $40
Two Characters: $70 (+30 per additional character)
Mermaid Designs 1 by ZinferMermaid Designs 2 by ZinferWatch Over Me by Zinfer3D2Y Special Sketch by ZinferDon't Mess with the Captain by ZinferLuffy and Chopper by ZinferCharacters side 2 by ZinferCharacters side 1 by Zinfer

Cel Shading Digital:

Portraits: $25
Half-Body: $40 
Full-Body: $50 
Two Characters: $80 (+35 per additional character) 
The Protector by ZinferThe Doctor and His Tardis by ZinferSomeone to Rely On by ZinferLuffy and Dalma by Zinfer Game-shark-mol by ZinferTye-Guy and his Uke by ZinferJosh Dun's Birthday Wish by ZinferBunnyip by ZinferRick Sanchez by ZinferSans by Zinfer

Speed Painting:
Portraits: $30
Half-Body: $45
Full-Body: $55
Two Characters: $85 (+35 per additional character) 
Out from the Unknown by ZinferAll This TIme by ZinferDark Danny Sai by ZinferOne Piece Group Nap by ZinferRemember Me Smiling by Zinfer

Rendered Digital:
Portraits: $40 
Half-Body: $60 
Full-Body: $80 
Two Characters: $140 (+60 per additional character)
Multiple Personalities by ZinferGolf Guy Turn Arounds by ZinferSarah and Yuichiro by ZinferNami 10 small by ZinferSam's Patch Up Job by ZinferPromo Adjusted by ZinferGossip by ZinferTristepin Carrying Eva In Battle by ZinferThe Drowning Fish 7-2 by ZinferRose by ZinferThe Good Dinosaur by ZinferSugar Skull Girl smooth by Zinfer

Ballpoint Pen:
Portraits: $30
Half-Body: $45
Full-Body: $65
Two Characters: $110 (+50 per additional character)
(ask if you want color added)
Invisibility Cloak by ZinferYou're Not A Disease by ZinferDeath by ZinferSwamp Dragon by ZinferThe Chase by ZinferTristepin and Evangeline by ZinferMaster Sword by ZinferZinfer and Riker by ZinferHide n Seek by ZinferHiccup and Toothless by Zinfer

Portraits: $25
Half-Body: $35
Full-Body: $50
Two Characters: $90 (+40 per additional character)
Merm by ZinferLuffy Watercolor by ZinferNot Until I Patch You Up by ZinferBoy Dog and Cat Walking by the Lake by ZinferOver the Garden Wall by ZinferPlaying by the Pond by ZinferRalph and Vanellope by ZinferHan by ZinferDog 1 by ZinferAshburns by Zinfer

Realistic Painting:
Portraits: $70-250 based on complexity
Half-Body: $100-350 based on complexity
Full-Body: $120-500 based on complexity
Two Characters: $200-700 based on complexity 

Dean Winchester Painting by ZinferTrish and Tony by ZinferJensen Black and White by ZinferBiblical Teaching Logo by ZinferNew Charlie Stevens by ZinferRobinson Bust by ZinferBlurryface by Zinfer

Concept Art/Storyboarding:

Character Designs: $35 (colored $45)
Character Turn Arounds: (front, back and side) $$80 (colored $100)
Character Expressions: (5 expressions) $35 (colored $40)
Storyboarding: ($7 per drawing)
Weapon/Device/Tool Design: $25
UI Design: $50 per menu

Shepherd Character Design by Zinfer Amos Designs by Zinfer Shark Lineup by Zinfer Bronze cannon 5 by Zinfer Watchtower Front Turn Around Sketches by Zinfer Gold menu by Zinfer Indian Circus Character Sheet by Zinfer Girl Expression Studies by Zinfer More Monster Designs by Zinfer Golf Guy Turn Arounds by Zinfer Walrusman body shapes by Zinfer Shark turn arounds edit by Zinfer
Please don't request anything sexual. 

And please ask about backgrounds, coloring, gifs, or anything that I didn't include here.

I'll go ahead and say that I give a discount if the commission involves fan art for any of these shows:

One Piece %30 off
Over the Garden Wall %20 off
Miyazaki Movies %20 off
Rick and Morty %20 off
Motorcity %20 off
Wakfu %20 off
Danny Phantom %20 off
Haikyuu!! %20 off

If you have other fan art in mind, feel free to ask if it get's a discount :D (Big Grin) 



In the Spotlight
This was one of my first visuals when this illustration was given in the movie. Great stuff. 
Blue Blood
What a wonderful episode that was. I don't want Samurai Jack to ever end, but I also want to see him succeed so... I guess I'll just soak in the beauty that is the final season and hope another creator produces something of similar merit.
Thank you for 100,000
WOOOO! Thank you all so much for stopping by :) I know I don't update as often as I used to, but I really appreciate everyone who came over and visited my page and supported my work. 
Bringing them In
Filled in my last page of my travel sketch pad with this. More dreams of writing this graphic novel.


Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
I'm a college student throwing all of her money into her education and hoping the results are positive.
I spend most of my time reading/watching One Piece and often Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Sherlock as well.
I love God and plan to serve Him with my life (since He gave His for me and all that).
I believe the Bible is the Word of God.
My family rocks.
My Dad is my Hero.
I enjoy just about every genre of music that can carry a tune.
Epic things make me happy.
That's about all I've got to say on the subject of me.


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